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Asthma Patients Should Not Stop Treatment or Medicine

Experts have found out that patients suffering from Asthma make things worse by not continuing with the treatment and not taking medicines regularly for a long stretch of time. In fact a major percentage of patients suffering from Asthma have not shown consistency in adhering to the routine of taking medicines or continuing with treatment, once they start feeling better. This kind of lack of consistency seems to have made things worse and complications have shown upwards curve. 

  A day ahead of World Asthma Day, observed on May 5th, Experts have stated that a major percentage of Asthma patients have been affected by the milder form of the disease, but due to non – compliance complications gained foothold and mild asthma patients are pushed into chronic stages. Also some patients are found to be on the brink of death.

  Above all Medical practitioners suggest and insist on better compliance to fight against the disease, because Medical practitioners have observed that adherence to treatment regime has been very poor and inconsistent in both children and adults.

  Although people are aware that stopping medicines may have bad effect but there are several factors which forces to take decision of discontinuing medicines and treatment. These various reasons are as follows: Concerns about cost of medication (as the treatment can go long way), Fear about side effects, not enough knowledge and myth about Inhaler devices and social stigma attached to asthma.

  Senior consultant at Chest Hospital, Hyderabad, Dr. Subhakar Kandi explains that being a chronic disease, Asthma requires long – term treatment. Hence even if the patient feels better after some time since the start of medication, discontinuing treatment or medicine is like stopping the very thing that is keeping one healthy and fit.

  Another Senior Consultant pulmonologist Dr. Jayachandra A. explains that during her practice she has found that, psychological barriers and too many inhibitions play a bigger role. According to the Doctor, many patients are dissatisfied with the treatment as they feel that their condition will improve overnight which is totally unreasonable. And some of the patients simply underestimate the severity and have a casual attitude which is very dangerous.

  In my next post I will list out some myths and facts regarding Asthma, tomorrow.

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