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Bird Flu detected - City Poultry to cull chickens

The Animal Husbandry Department is forced to cull chickens as the first case of Bird Flu was detected at Hayathnagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad in the Ranga Reddy district, Telangana. Around 1.45 Lakh chickens are slated to be culled in the next Two – Three days.

  As it happened a poultry farm owner from Hayathnagar sent five chickens to National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases Laboratory in Bhopal on April 11 after he found unusual deaths in his poultry farm. Thus in this way the bird flu outbreak was reported.

  According to the laboratory’s report the chicken samples had tested positive for the H5N1 influenza virus, commonly known as bird flu. The Laboratory had sent the report late on April 13th.

  As an immediate act 1 – km radius around the farm (where bird flu was detected) was declared as infection sensitive zone. Also the zone of a radius 10 – Km beyond infection zone was declared as Surveillance zones. There are approximately 1.45 Lakh chickens are housed in the infection zone and hence they will be culled mandatorily. 18 villages are covered under the surveillance zone out of which 17 villages are under Hayathnagar and one in Saroornagar Mandal. 

  The process of culling started soon and 35,000 chickens were culled on Tuesday itself and the staff of the farm in question was given Tamiflu doses.

  According to the director of the Animal Husbandry Department, Dr. D. Venkateswarlu, 65 teams have been formed for the culling operations. He added that each team will be lead by a Veterinarian and comprising of Three – Four workmen.

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