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How to convince yourself not to commit suicide

There can be many reasons, many circumstances and many triggers that can drive a person to take the extreme step of committing suicide. It is a choked feeling a troubled person goes through and therefore suicide is the only way of getting some relief. But even if the person feels that there is no way out, still there are things which can be done to avoid suicide and feel joy and love. So let us see some of the steps or rather methods to overcome suicide when it is knocking at the door.

1. You must plan to keep yourself safe. Before you figure out why suicidal tendency is knocking, please stay in a place of physical safety. Remove anything in your surroundings which can hurt you like pills, alcohol, razors and other things which you can use to harm yourself.

  By involving others also you can make your environment safe. For example the pills can be given to someone to keep it safe who can give you the dosage whenever required.

  Also if you feel your home is not safe for you staying alone, go to some relative’s house.

2. You can step back and delay your plans for at least 48 hours. In these 48 hours you can rest, think and convince yourself that suicide is not an option. There must be some other ways to come out of agony or pain.

3. You must realize that suicidal tendencies often come from changeable situations. Once the situation changes again there won’t be any suicidal feeling. Suicide is a bad permanent solution to a temporary solution. Even if you don’t know what the alternatives are, Life can change in a single moment and it is impossible to predict. So if you commit suicide you will miss all the alternatives which could have saved you.

4. One of better steps is to call someone in the very moment when you are feeling suicidal. You can check whether some is out there free to talk to you or meet you somewhere. You can request the person to talk to you till the suicidal feeling subsides.

Apart from the above steps there can be many numbers of tips. So the world is still open for you and ready to help you to come back from the edge.

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