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How To Deal With Politics At Work Or Office?

Office politics is a very general term but in actuality it (Office Politics) is a grave and complicated issue. First of all I would like to put down couple of the reasons due to which office politics happens:
1. The omnipresent reason for office politics is the competition to move up the ladder. People automatically get into politics to find their way up the ladder where many people are trying to climb the ladder of promotion.
2. Power play is inevitable in any organization and decision making is majorly dependent on lobbying and other power maneuvering exercises.

Although there are several more reasons apart from the above couple of reasons but right now I want to shift the focus towards a few of ways by which office politics can be handled rather smoothly:
1. First of all one must accept the harsh fact that politics is inevitable in office and one must go through the minefield of politics. After accepting the fact that politics is inevitable, one must chalk out strategy to make politics work for one’s own benefit.
2. To move ahead in the organization one should use politics to create network which will work against other political groups which are working for their vested interests. If a group is strong enough then it will work for both – growth of members of the group and benefit of the organization as well.
3. One must identify people who use other’s for their own growth, even if the used person is doomed. To handle such people one must follow the principle "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

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