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Does Depression Lead To Fuzzy Thinking?

If someone is suffering from depression and his/her mental abilities are found to be less sharp then it rightly told that Depression Leads to Fuzzy Thinking.

  According to a new study depression patients are affected by mental non – functionality and the research is claimed to be indeed true. This condition of mind not functioning well is seen more often in people suffering from Mood Disorders. During the study mentioned above researchers from the University of Michigan’s Medical School and Depression centre analysed 612 women and found that over two – thirds of them had experienced either Bipolar Disorder or Major Depression.

  Further when as groups the women were tested for concentration they faired equally bad on the test either females with Major Depression or females with Bipolar Disorder. The test taken required sustained concentration. As for example when the patients (with mental disorders) were asked to recognize a letter rapidly when certain letters flashed briefly on a screen amid a random sequence of other letters, the groups of people with mental problem diagnosed lagged amply and noticeably as compared to the groups of people with no mental error condition on this standard test of cognitive control.

  To find more symptoms so that cure can be done properly, brain scans were done by Researches. After extensive brain scans the researchers found that healthy women (with no mental disorder) were functioning differently as compared to women with depression or bipolar disorder, in a particular area of the brain called the Right Posterior Parietal Cortex. Ironically in those with depression, the activity in this area was higher than in Healthy people where as those with bipolar disorder the activity in this area is lower than in Healthy people.

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