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Tips and Exercises to Sharpen Memory

Memory is something which is the most used functionality of the mind. The Memory power indicates how healthy you are or how healthy is someone’s mind. Whatever may be the age of a person or whatever may be the occupation; sharpness of the memory is a need. The good news is that whatever may be the age lot of things can be done to improve memory and mental performance.

  As far the saying goes you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. But as far as brain is concerned scientists have proven the adage wrong and found out that human brain has an amazing ability to adapt and change  even into old age. This ability is known as Neuroplasticity which can be used to increase one’s cognitive abilities. Following are some tips to enhance memory by harnessing Neuroplasticity. 

1. Regular Exercise and Proper Sleep: Similar to the regular habits of an athlete, like sleep and nutrition – packed diet, you also should inculcate habits like regular exercise and proper sleep.
  Physical exercise increases oxygen to the brain and reduce risk of memory loss. Through exercise risk of disorders like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is reduced. Exercise also helps enhance effect of helpful brain chemicals and protect brain cells.

  Along with regular exercise sound sleep regularly is mandatory. If sleep deprived brain cannot function to its fullest capability.According to research key memory – enhancing activity happens during the deepest stages of sleep.

2. Friendship and Good Relationship with Spouse: If the relationship with your spouse is strained or you do not have friends for fun then mind becomes sluggish and memory is affected. Therefore Life full of friends and fun will have long lasting positive effects on memory and enhances cognitive abilities.

3. Laughter is good: We all have heard that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and quite obviously it holds true as far as memory and other brain functionalities are concerned. As a matter of fact when someone is emotional it happens in limited and specific areas of the brain, whereas Laughter generates and spreads multiple regions across the whole brain. Laughter opens up various dormant parts of the brain and increases capability to think comprehensively.

 With the above tips I am concluding my post for now. But there are several other steps which can be taken to improve memory. Hopefully I will try to ‘Memorize’ and post another article in the near future for more tips.

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