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Tips To Improve Your Immunity

Immunity is the basis of good health. Boosting Immunity is a great step towards maintaining a great health. Today’s life style is sedentary and risky as this kind of life style leads to several diseases. It is a known fact that Life Style decides what your health is and thus it is in your hands to design a life style which helps you maintaining strong body and mind while boosting the immune system.
So for maintaining a good life style we must make sure that we eat healthy food. But apart from good food there are other things also like exercises, yoga, etc. Following are some of the tips in this regard:

1.Dieting in a particular way: On must diet properly by taking in some great nutrients and avoiding some. By taking the following immune boosting foods one will surely be able to keep diseases at bay.

*     Vitamin C-rich foods like broccoli which has anti-oxidant property that helps the immune cells to function properly and multiply defense mechanism.

•Vitamin E-rich foods (like nuts and whole grains) strengthen immune cells to fight in a better way.

•Vitamin A-rich foods (like carrots and yams) maintain the mucus membrane which is body’s first line of defense.

•Vitamin B-rich (Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6) foods (like mushrooms, peas etc.) prevents your body against bacterial infections.

•Zinc rich foods (like beans, turkey, crab, oysters and beef) are essential in small quantities for boost performance of T cells and other Immune Cells.

•Selenium rich foods (like chicken, whole grains, tuna, eggs, sun flower seeds and brown Rice) enhances the production of interferon, cytokines and T cell proliferation, which in turn increase cellular immune response.

•Ginger and Garlic helps in cleaning lymphatic system along with keeping the body warm. It also flushes toxin from lungs and sinuses.

2.Sleep Well: Missing proper sleep can create many ailments amongst different systems of the body. Less or broken sleep can cause shooting up of stress hormone, thus affecting immune function in a negative way. Less sleep also increases the release of inflammatory chemicals. While sleeping our body produces growth-prompting hormones. Less than 7 hours of sleep can reduce the production of Natural killer cells.

3.Exercise: Regular Exercise boosts overall hormone production. Moderate exercise regulates Blood Circulation, which in turn allows immune cells to move freely through the body internally. Also, exercise helps in release of feel-good chemicals that help in proper sleep and stimulates lymphatic system to increase blood level of leucocytes.

4.Keep Smiling and Laughing: Laughing at full throttle reduces the level of stress hormones and increases production of immune cells to fight against infection.
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