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Amazing health benefits of Indian Spices

Food habits are going through evolution speedily in the past few years. The main basis of this evolutionary change is the increased awareness of health effects associated with what people eat. And in this internet era ‘foodie’ is a very widely used term and food blogs are the most read ones. Hence in this backdrop food habits and evolution here are some of the Indian Spices which come with tremendous health benefits.

1. Coriander Seeds: One of the oldest Indian spices, Coriander Seeds and Leaves both have tremendous health benefits. Coriander has the best anti – inflammatory properties if compared to other spices. According to research Coriander seeds have more benefits than the leaves. Hence a few benefits of coriander are: Aids in digestion, has anti bacterial properties, good source of Vitamin C and has high iron content to combat anaemia.

2. Ginger (Adrak): Everyone knows that Ginger is a great taste enhancer. But few know that Ginger is good for aiding digestion. And also very few know that Ginger is great for fighting sinus problems. The list of benefits is as follows: Relieves cramps from the menstrual cycle, helps in reducing nausea, heart burn, migraine, exhaustion, sore throats, fatigue and constipation too. Ginger also improves assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. Ginger can be used in morning tea and also chopped and added in curry. Ginger can be simply chewed.

3. Turmeric (Haldi): Due to Haldi’s (Turmeric) quality of enhancing Mental and Physical capabilities, it is known as “The Spice of Life”. Some of its benefits are as follows: Turmeric is not only a powerful anti – oxidant, but one of the ingredients in Turmeric has powerful cancer fighting capabilities, especially in animals. Turmeric also helps in shrinking tumours and killing in vitro cancer cells. Turmeric (similar to ginger) is believed to have substantial Alzheimer’s fighting potential as well. Turmeric helps in weight reduction too and also regulates metabolism. Turmeric can be used in everything you cook, especially curries.

4. Cardamom (Elaichi): Cardamom has been used for centuries by healers in India and is found only in India so widely. Cardamom has been proved to be controlling and lowering blood pressure. It helps in relieving stomach ailments. Benefits are as follows: Cardamom controls cholesterol and hence good for cardiovascular health and has anti – carcinogenic properties. It is also useful in treating Urinary disorders and also depression. Cardamom can be added to virtually everything you cook, but is best used for enhancing flavour of starchy vegetables. Because it is aromatic, it can be used in payasam and rice. 

5. Black Pepper (Kali Mirch): The benefits of Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) are many and some of them are as follows: Black Pepper aids in digestion, congestion and an upset stomach. If on a cut bleeding is profuse then Black Pepper can be used to stop the bleeding. It promotes weight loss and helps in relieving toothache.

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