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Custard Apple - Benefits Across Ages

When we eat fruits we go for its taste and aroma knowing little about benefits or hazards. People of Old generation know things a bit more than all of us. Because of their experience they warn us from eating something. But when it comes to eating Custard Apple even old generation will also list out its benefits and suggest us to consume. Although there are some negative points about the fruit will also come from old generation people like “you will catch cold”, “you will get sore throat” etc.
But all said and done, there are positively some very good benefits of Custard Apple across ages. If taken in proper quantities (not overdose) Custard apple can provide following benefits.

1.Custard Apple is full of anti-oxidants and store house of Vitamin C. With these constituents Custard Apple can help in Weight Gain. For those who want to put on weight custard apple is a full fledged tonic. Custard Apple increases your metabolic rate. Another quality of Custard Apple is boosting your appetite.

2.For people having bleeding gums a very natural and effective remedy is Custard Apple. Actually bleeding gums can be stopped right away by applying the skin of custard apple. Tooth ache can also be treated by custard apple.

3.It is well known fact among naturopaths that Custard Apple is effective in strengthening Immune System. Custard Apple is also anti – inflammatory. If taken regularly custard apple can boost your body’s resistance against diseases. Custard apple should be included in your diet as it also protects against infections.

4.Some painful chronic diseases like rheumatism and arthritis should be cured naturally for long run treatment. Taking Custard Apple regularly reduces risk of rheumatism and arthritis. Being a good source of copper it can cure brittle bones, because brittle bones in caused due to copper. So for strong bones consuming Custard Apple is good.

5.Custard Apple is also a good source of B-Complex Vitamins. Hence this white fleshy fruit called custard apple can help in reducing stress and tension. Researches also show that Custard Apple has qualities to protect you from Parkinson’s disease.

So it can be concluded that among many fruits, Custard Apple stands out in benefits. So it is a good idea to include this in your diet.
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