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Steps or Ways to find who can be your appropriate friend

Choosing friends is really a tough job but all the pain taken to choose a right friend is worth it. Let us see stepwise or point wise how to reach the goal of choosing a good long lasting friend.

1. First step is to put a prospective friend on test without him/her knowing what your intention is. You just have to observe how your prospective friend is taking care of things that are important for you. Also you should observe how little things are done for you by your friend. Overall dedication should also be observed in a span of time. Thus you can decide if you can rely on the prospective friend.

2. Next you should find out who will be there for you always at good times and bad times as well. You can deliberately ask for help from your friend and depending upon how much involvement is shown by them gradually the real friends will become more obvious.

3. There is no bossing around in friendship and each decision is mutual. Each of the friends should contribute equally and execute plans together without downplaying each other. No one is better than the other.

4. Friends do not spread rumors about each other. So make sure your prospective friend does not have that nasty tendency of spreading rumors. For this you do not need to be too suspicious and only you need to observe whom your friend meet more often and there something seems fishy, then go and directly ask them : “what’s going on?”.

5. One of the most important things is that friends do not pressurize each other to do something which one is not willing to do. Good friends are understanding and accept each other’s decision. For example: If you don’t want to go to a party, your friends should not force you or pester you for the same.
6. Your friends should behave in a particular manner which is not improper and should correct each other if something wrong happens by one of the friends.

 Thus all said and done I conclude with the fact that friendship is something invaluable and to make it invaluable choosing the right friend is very necessary.

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