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How To Maintain Friendship

Friendship is a virtue and worth maintaining it lifelong. Although there are several versions of friendships like ‘Friends with Benefits’, Casual Friends etc., and the real friendship does not require a name or type. Real friendship goes through many tests or rough weathers and come up a winner. Therefore maintaining a true friendship is not a matter of joke. Let us see some of the tips or methods which will help in maintaining a good friendship and make it stronger as the time passes.
1. There should be mutual appreciation at regular intervals between friends. Generally friends miss the point of mutual appreciation as they take each other’s qualities and support for granted. In fact reminding about each other’s contribution, support and qualities rejuvenates the friendship quotient and takes it to another level.
2. Keeping up the trust quotient and positive involvement in friend’s life gives boost to the longevity of the friendship. Although true friendship does not have any age but to make it ever lasting both should make efforts.
3. When things get tough or rough one should standby one’s friend and try to listen to the problem carefully so that a solution can be found. Generally when a person faces a problem he/she finds their minds’ numb and not being able to think at all. In such a condition a friend can only understand and try to find an optimum solution. While the friend tries to find the solution, he should also try to find some kind of distraction which the troubled friend will love and also escapes from going into depression because of the problem.

The above tips may not be wholesome but will certainly give life to friendship between two friends.

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