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Common misconceptions about Suicide

Suicide it seems as the last resort for a person who has lost hope of coming out of suffering and pain. Such a person feels he is ruined and committing suicide is the best way to finish everything and there would not be any pain left. It is not that suicidal person does not have desire to stop the pain, it is just that they can’t find the way or solution. A suicidal person always wishes if there is an alternative to suicide and as they can’t see an alternative they resort to suicide. People around a suicidal person should understand important signals sent out by the person during talks or by activities. Actually many evident signals are overlooked by people around the suicidal person as there are several misconceptions about suicide. Following are e few of them.

1. It is often taken for granted that people who talk about suicide wouldn’t really do it. Any person who commits or attempts suicide always gives signals or clue or warning like when he says “You will be sorry when I am dead”. This kind of signal should not be ignored and in fact should be taken seriously. Sometimes very casually or jokingly a suicidal person expresses his/her feelings.

2. It is a misconception that people who commit suicide are crazy or insane. Most of the suicidal people are either in grief or under severe depression or despairing. Extreme distress is not necessarily signs of mental illness.

3. It is wrong to think that if a person is determined to kill himself/herself no one or nothing can stop him/her. Even the most depressed person, who is on the edge, still has mixed feelings about death. Extremely depressed person also fluctuate between the thoughts of to live or not to live. Hence such a person can also be saved. The impulse to end it all, however overpowering, does not last forever.

4. It is generally misunderstood that people who are unwilling to seek help are those who commit suicide. But a study says more than half of the people who have committed suicide had sought professional help before ending it all.

5. People often think talking about suicide to suicidal person can increase the problem which is not very true. Actually bringing up and discussing suicide openly can help the suicidal person ease out.

So with above misconceptions if someone keeps in mind can help a person around who is suffering from suicidal tendencies.

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