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Terrible Things Happen When You Eat Too Much Sugar

Sugar is an essential ingredient to be included in daily food. But everything in excess is dangerous. So how much sugar is too much? Earlier according to WHO the daily intake of sugar is 10% of daily calories. Now the recommendation of has come down to 5%. So let us see what excess sugar can do so that you try to maintain the 5% intake.

Hazards of Excess Sugar Intake:
1.Excess weight gain is a direct result of too much sugar. The daily food contains large amount of sugar collectively. Foods containing sugar are full of calories and they do little to satiate your hunger. According to a collection of studies, it is found that "consistent evidence that increasing or decreasing intake of dietary sugars from current levels of intake is associated with corresponding changes in body weight in adults”.

2.Cavities and sugar are directly related. Sugar is “Arch Criminal” behind cavities. According to an expert’s statement "Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria that line the teeth feed on simple sugars, creating acid that destroys enamel".

3.Insulin requirement of your body increases hugely due to intake of highly sugary food. When Insulin is maintained high, your body’s vulnerability to the hormone is reduced and excess glucose builds up in the body, which can be called “Insulin Resistance”. When Insulin resistance develops into Diabetes.

4.Sugar sweetened beverages are one of the main things, which are consumed by many, to increase chances of dangerous diabetes. Soda drinking is associated to weight gain, but also is cause for development of type 2 diabetes.

5.While eating we get a signal from a hormone called Leptin that says you had enough. People who develop “Leptin” resistance are satiated after a huge intake of food because they do not get the signal “I am full”. Research in rats suggest that over-consumption of fructose can directly lead to higher-than-normal levels of Leptin, which can reduce your body's sensitivity to the hormone.

6.Just one can of soda each day can increase your weight by 15 pounds in a year. Thus food or drinks loaded with sugar directly affects the obesity hormone in your body.

7.Fructose, because of the unique way it is metabolized, creates a stress response in the liver that can exacerbate inflammation. Due to this excess fat is accumulated in the Liver. Not everyone gets affected badly due to this, but some people get affected and lead to Liver failure.
Although there are several other horrible results of high sugar intake, I am concluding the current post by saying that moderation in sugar intake should be maintained at any cost.
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