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Eat Smart - The Neo Vegetarian

It is a sort of revolution the way people are turning vegan which is gaining momentum and going beyond its fad value. It is not without any reason that Veganism is embraced by so many and going green when riding on the Vegan bandwagon. Vegan’s first and foremost principle is Shift+Del all animal products. That’s what Veganism is: saying no to honey, cheese, ghee, jelly, chocolate, butter cookies and Ice cream. In fact Veganism is much beyond this and a dedicated Vegan Lifestyle involves eliminating all animal related products from one’s life like leather, silk, shell, coral and wool. As a matter of fact Women across India have made the cross – over effectively and successfully.

  After talking to experts and a number of Vegans I have put down the following reasons to go Vegan.

1. Fighting allergies can be effectively done, without medicines, by practicing Veganism. One can get in touch with other successful vegan on social media like Facebook. There are Vegan communities on Facebook who can help. Initially it will be tough to forgo taste and embrace Vegan food. So one must be tough enough to sacrifice taste for health. If practiced and being innovative Vegan food is prepared in the kitchen itself then there won’t be reason to run around for Vegan diet.

2. Animals are tortured and reared for various sub – products like Milk, meat – pigs, chicken, fish. Milk giving cows are repeatedly made pregnant so that they remain in lactation mode. Bengaluru based vegan chef Susmitha Subbaraju, 35 did extensive research and experiment so that Milk can be replaced something else because when one cut out on Milk family gets concerned. Now she carries packets of Soya Milk and makes sure that there is a good mix of sesame seeds, Ragi, Almonds, Green and local grains for calcium and iron in her meals.

3. In a particular case of Rose Alappat, a 35 Year Old IT professional in Pune, converting to Vegan made her life disease free. Actually in December, 2013 Rose was diagnosed with diabetes and she did not want to be on medication for the whole life. Hence she decided to be a Vegan and since then her cholesterol and blood sugar levels are now in a healthy range.

  Hence it can be seen that Disease reversal can be done how effectively by converting to Vegan.

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