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Home remedies to cure loss of Appetite

Appetite is one of the signals how your health is deteriorating or improving. There are millions of people who fight loss of appetite by weapons like exercise, dieting etc. But there are many more that are suffering from low appetite and continuously searching for cure.
The causes behind loss of appetite are many: some are temporary and some are chronic. Emotional distress, hormonal imbalance, Depression etc. are some of the wide spread causes of low or no appetite. Anyway whatever be the cause of loss of appetite, it can be cured. Severe loss of appetite is an alarming sign that a person may be suffering from anorexia or bulimia. In such a case a Doctor should be consulted for better cure because home based remedies may not help much.
For those who are simply suffering from loss of appetite (due to depression, hormonal imbalance etc.), the following Items or tips may help.

Tips Or Items
1.Garlic  It is a known fact that garlic has many medicinal benefits, but rarely people know that it is a cure for loss of appetite in boiled form. Too much garlic is not good though. After consumption of garlic one must brush to remove the bad smell invoked by garlic. So indirectly your Oral health will improve.

2.Figs  It is a fruit which can be taken in many forms Dried or fresh, which has a astonishing effect on low appetite. Dates are similar to Figs as far as benefits are considered.

3.Tamarind  It is used in many South Indian foods to enhance taste. But the real benefit of Tamarind is that it a well known laxative and cure for low appetite. Tamarind pulp should be taken to increase appetite.

4.Lemon  It can be taken in many forms and can be used in many ways to improve appetite. Simply a glass of lime juice in the early morning can do very good in increasing appetite. Apart from juice, Lemon can be taken with honey with similar benefits. One can squeeze Lemon on salads or Fruits to enjoy the benefits.

5.Healthy habits  This is real good tip as far as fight against low appetite is concerned. To get back the lost appetite one must follow strict daily routine. Exercising regularly hugely benefits loss of appetite. Other than this one must not eat in more frequency and follow proper meal timings.

Although there are several more home based tips (which I may post in the near future), the above tips can be tried for sure to increase appetite.
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