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Most common warning signs of a heart attack

Although it cannot be assured that there are confirmed signs before a heart attack and thus heart attack can happen without pre signs also. But still there are few indications of an ensuing heart attack. If these signs are read correctly in time then Heart attack can be avoided. Let us see how much important these signs are:

1. Discomfort in Chest: This is one of the most common warning signs of a heart attack. If there is discomfort in chest or heaviness in chest or even a burning sensation then we must act fast and rush to the doctor if the above warning signs are consistent or repetitive.  Sometimes a person does not disclose the above signs for the first time, so whenever such person expresses he may be doing it after 2-3 such occurrences. Hence he or she should be rushed to the hospital immediately.

2. Breath Heaviness: If someone’s breathing gets heavy even after a small or short walk then the signs are very clear and indicate something grossly wrong with his/her heart. This heaviness in breath can also occur while riding stairs or other form of movement or exercise. Even if this symptom is not accompanied with chest discomfort still it in itself is enough of a warning sign.

3. Sweating: Although sweating cannot be stopped in scorching heat in the months of May and June, but when a person sweats profusely in the colder months then it is a sure shot warning sign of an ailing heart. So in such a case a doctor should be consulted immediately.

4. Nausea: If a person is regularly feeling nauseate with dizziness then it is surely a sign of weak heart and indicates a heart attack at the onset. This could also be happening because of artery blockade. It could also display via excessive stress, fatigue after short movements or exercise or a feeling of weakness despite eating and sleeping properly.

5. Slurring While Speaking: Difficulty in speaking can be due to several ailments or can be a problem in itself. But when slurring hugely repeatedly happens then it can be a sign of a heart weakness and possible attack. To understand the symptom one can ask his/her relative to understand what he is speaking.

Apart from above warnings there are several other signs which only a good doctor can say. But my suggestion is the above symptoms or warning signs are enough for a common man to be alert about the ailing heart.
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