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Ways To Avoid Stress While Driving In Heavy Traffic

In a country like India where population is a scourge and traffic is it’s after effect, managing to stay calm during driving is virtue. Staying calm during driving in heavy traffic is in fact an art which is certainly not god gifted rather it is perfected by practice.

  Following are some of the tips to stay calm during driving in heavy traffic which are a bit unorthodox:

1. Increase the Volume of the Music If You Are Listening To One:
  Increasing the volume of the music will suppress the noise pollution which is around in a heavy traffic. But the volume should not be increased so much that it damages your ear drums.
2. Call Someone Dear If you are at the signal:
  Just by calling and asking about the well being of someone dear will divert your mind from the irritability caused due to heavy traffic.
3. Remember Your Love Making Session If You Had One Last Night:
  Love Making is great way to relax and remembering the same next day morning during heavy traffic is even more relaxing.
4. Have some snacks and drink handy:
  During heavy traffic at the lunch time mind becomes more irritated due to hunger cramps. Hence keeping some less cholesterol snacks and cool drinks and eating or drinking intermittently will keep you much less irritated.
5. Deep Breathing:
  Deep breathing during heavy traffic in gaps work wonders and makes your mind in a balanced state so that you do not get involved in nasty road rage.

All said and done it is certainly not easy to manage stress in traffic and persistent practice will surely help matters.

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