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Loneliness Makes Your Brain Work Differently - Study Shows

Inspired by the John Lewis Christmas Advertisement which is about a touching relationship between an Old Man and A little girl, I am here going to talk about the issue of Loneliness which is explicitly indicated in the Advertisement. Since ages Loneliness has been bugging people, especially Old people who are forced to stay alone either due to death of spouse or being shown the door by their children. And this issue of Loneliness is even more prominent in this age as the number of Old people staying alone is increasing exponentially.

  I can keep adding about lonely people and their story for more time to come. But right now I am trying to understand what happens to the brain of lonely people and how they respond to regular and not – so – regular incidents of life.

  The latest news is that new findings by researchers suggest that being lonely can actually have a physical impact on your brain. These findings were first published in the Journal Cortex from the study that was led by married researchers Stephanie and John Cacioppo, who are lecturers in the University of Chicago and who are experts on the aspect of psychology and neuroscience of loneliness.  

  Their findings say that lonely people’s brains differ from those of non – lonely people as published by Medical Daily. The first thing is that the alertness level of Lonely people are higher than that of non – lonely people as their brains become more active in social situations.

  In another report by Psychology Today, it is published that when a person is socially isolated his/her nervous system automatically switches into ‘Self – Preservation – Mode’ which makes the person more defensive – even if there’s no threat.

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