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Menstrual Pains and Cramps - Beaten by Yoga

The pain which a woman goes through during menstrual cycles is really understood by them only. The pain, the cramps, the discomfort and not to forget the PMS that precedes it! Although pills are available for such pains and discomforts but they bring side-effects with them. And they are not good in the long run. So we should consider alternatives to conventional treatments to avoid side effects and give permanent solution. So let us see some Yoga exercises as an alternative treatment. Yoga is a natural way to handle these regular painful times. So I am listing a couple of yoga poses to help all women who are reading this.
Pose #1: Bow Pose or Dhanurasana:
This pose is basically to beat constipation and respiratory ailments. But for menstrual discomforts also this pose is equally effective. Other problems which this aasana can give relief from are backache, fatigue, anxiety etc. Since in this aasana is exactly bow like structure and causes to concentrate the whole weight on the navel, it stimulates the organs of the abdomen. This stimulation helps the cramps to ease out. And also it regulates the flow of blood to and from the uterus – relieving pain during menstrual cycle. Steps to do this aasana are as follows:

1. First you should lie on the Stomach.
2. Now bending the knees stretch out your hand to hold your ankles.
3. Now breathe in while raising the front portion of your body, so your chest will go off the ground.
4. At the same time your thighs should be lifted off the ground as well.
5. Body and breathing both should be stable. This position should be help for 15 to 20 seconds before returning to original position. While releasing the ankles one should exhale at the same time.
6. Just enjoy the stretch in this relaxing pose and do not over do it.
Tip: Do not perform this pose if you have a neck or back injury, are pregnant, have had recent abdominal surgery or have high blood pressure.

Pose # 2: Fish pose or matsyasana:

This pose, just like the dhanurasana, is great to beat fatigue, menstrual pain, anxiety etc. But the best part about this pose is that it gives you that natural glow. It also stretches out the muscles of the back, neck, chest and legs giving you instant relief from muscle aches and pains associated with menstruation. This pose helps stimulate the organs of the stomach and abdomen, fighting indigestion, gas and that feeling of bloating.
Steps to do this aasana:
Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
Now straighten your legs, place your arms on either side.
Raise your hips, one side at a time and place your hands under each hip.
Bend your elbows and push your upper body off the floor, remember to exhale as you do this.
Only raise your chest, and tilt your head backwards. Hold this pose for five counts and inhale as you rest your back back on the floor.
Tip: If you suffer from high blood pressure or have neck/back pain, avoid doing this pose.

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