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Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

There is an world-wide debate whether being Vegetarian is better than being a Non-Vegetarian. Although recently the trend is that lot of Non-Vegetarian are converting to Vegetarian.But still Non-Vegetarians have there logic for being a Non-vegetarian. Instant power  and great muscular strength are the benefits that are shown as results for being a non-vegetarian. Non-Vegetarians feel more powerful and robust as compared to Vegetarians. Is this a feeling only or there is really any biological point behind such talks? Nutrients found in Non-Vegetarian food are also found in Vegetarian food. In fact Some vegetarian food have more percentage of Nutrients than found in any Non-Vegetarian food. A study says human being are born to eat stuff which is cultivated from the ground, which is obviously vegetables. Vegetarians are also found to be more active as vegetarian food gets digested easily and therefore one feels less drowsy. One more thing to consider is the mental effect that takes place by eating Non-Vegetarian. Because of the contents Non-vegetarian food can make a person more aggressive mentally. I also want to make a point that Vegetarian food is closer to our conscience. By default our conscience choose Vegetarian food.

  In Addition to all the above considerations let us look into the spiritual perspective of Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian food. Everything in the world is made up of 3 subtle components at a subtle level. These 3 components are : sattva, raja and tama. Sattva means purity and knowledge. Therefore a Sattvik person serves the society with no expectations. Raja means Action and passion. A Rajasik person aims for personal gain and achievement. And the last but not the least, Tama means Ignorance and Inertia. A Tamasik person can hurt someone easily for personal gain. Such a person harms the society. Hence similar to humans (or everything) food also contains the 3 components, Sattva, Raja & Tama. More Sattvik food makes human more Sattvik which is beneficial for society. More Rajasik food makes a person more Rajasik, and hence a selfish and self contented person is developed who is very less beneficial for society. More Tamasik food makes a person more Tamasik and hence a person is more aggressive, ignorant and who is harmful to society.

  So the controversial conclusion is that Vegetarian food is more appropriate for human society than Non-Vegetarian food. Also killing of innocent animals is not good for eco-system.  

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