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How To Handle Break – Up From A Relationship
What I am taking into consideration is that Break – Up can happen in any kind of relationship. Be it Father – Child, Mother – Child, Sister – Brother and obviously Man – Woman relationship, break – up is possible anytime and in any relationship. So to put it down in less words I am generalizing tips to handle break – up in any relationship.

But before the tips I would like to point out that relationships can break due to various factors and sometimes very weird factors also. But the common factor in any break – up is that the person in the relationship goes through many fluctuating and depressive emotions.

All said and done I am putting down only few tips which may be helpful.

1. The adage goes that “Nothing is Final”. So after break – up one should mug up hundreds of times that “Nothing is Final”. Another adage can help matters is that “Whatever Happens, Happens For Good”. If you concentrate on the whole time period of the relationship Good things always outnumber the Bad things.

2. One thing should be remembered by the person who is going through the after period of break – up is that “No One is perfect” and “Nothing is perfect”. This will ease out the negative emotions from inside you.

3. One special tip is that after break – up the first thing one should try is that gorge on food one likes and also some special food which one has not tried yet. Good tasty food has the capability of purifying the thought process and one feels like bliss.
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