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How To Manage Employee Conflict Effectively
When an Organization, particularly large scale, operates coherently then there is every possibility of that coherence to break as conflicts arise on everyday basis. Leaders who are the helm of affairs tend to hate any kind of conflict as they don’t want any disruption in their growth and stature. But it is always prudent that any kind of conflict or difference of interest should be taken care and should be taken head on. Leaders with proven track record are those who keep organizations’ benefit above their own area of interests and on the same line conflicts affect the organization on a larger scale and thus leaders must act to resolve those niggling conflicts.

Here are some tips for leaders to manage conflicts before they become blood sucking monsters for the organization:

1. Don’t magnify or minify any conflict because initially many conflicts look simple which eventually can kill the whole rhythm of the organizations’ functioning. Similarly, some conflicts look very complex initially and can be handled with ease if one tries to find the way out.

  The point is that each conflict should be given equal importance and should be handled deftly. And also each conflict should be dealt keeping the larger interest of the organization.

2. Respect Opinions  A leader must first give proper respect to the point of views of people involved in a conflict, because then only one can provide proper solution which is beneficial for all involved. Understanding the different point of views will enable the leader to devise a plan to handle or avoid similar conflicts in future. 

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