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Few Things You Should Not Do While Online
Internet is a Global platform to communicate and share many things including family details, emotions, daily activities, important development in one’s life etc. But no one can ensure that these details when shared with someone are not seen or accessed by others especially hackers. All of us are not perfect while posting things online and tend to do things which are hazardous.
So it’s time to avoid the following couple of things which we do online as a bad habit.
1. Common Passwords  For Security Purposes these days people create their own complex passwords and that is how it should be unless you keep unique password for all the major sites you browse daily. A complex password like ‘JaYW1x%BuUnZ#’ is very difficult to remember and if at all we remember one such password we may not be interested in creating another complex password and remember that also. Hence complex passwords created for security purposes are annoying and we tend to keep and remember the same password for all the sites we browse. 

  But keep the same password for all the sites defeats the same goal or intention i.e. security as a common password once hacked can compromise several sites at once.
2. Gullible To Posts & Videos  People who have hands on digital wizardry, with the help of right phrasing can create a hoax online, such as “Facebook’s Privacy Policy has changed and all your messages and pictures will now become public”. Such hoaxes are difficult to understand and one may not be able to convince himself/herself that this is a hoax as it does not seem to be. 
  But Users should try to verify each of posts which seem to be very important by using search engines online.

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