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Anurag Kashyap furious after nude clip of Radhika Apte goes viral

When a particular clip showing Radhika Apte semi – nude leaked on the internet, even though care was taken to keep it a secret, the Director of the Short – Film Anurag Kashyap became furious. Hence the filmmaker has filed a First Information Report (FIR) with the Cyber Crime branch of the Mumbai Police against “unknown persons”. According to Anurag Kashyap the clip has been taken out of context and shown in a wrong way across the internet. In the clip or scene the actress Radhika Apte was required to be semi – nude.

  In an interview with one of the leading Newspaper, Mr. Anurag Kashyap explained that the scene was from one of the short films from a series and was filmed in a Non – Sexual way. According to him lot of effort has been put and caution was taken to film the clip in a non – sexual way because it is meant to be absolutely non – sexual and all care was taken as needed. The entire crew was women as we knew that we are making something very sensitive. And Anurag also told that there were girls during the whole process of Post – Production.

  Lot of praise came to Radhika Apte from Anurag Kashyap as according to him it was not easy to find an actress who could participate in it. According to Anurag Radhika Apte is “One of the bravest actresses” we have and who is also “forward thinking”.

  Coming back to the leak of the clip, Anurag Kashyap told that at every stage of Post – Production, the part which contained the clip, was either sent blank or pixelated before being sent. Anurag said “So, nobody even knew who is a part of the film. And everybody assumes that since it is an Indian film, it will always be pixelated. After taking all the care, the film was delivered to New York a month back. And then, all of a sudden after a month from nowhere, this video popped up online”.

  Mr. Anurag Kashyap said after he contacted Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria, who activated the cyber crime branch in turn. With strong determination Mr. Kashyap also said that he is ready to spend all his life to find the guy who probably is an Indian living in New York.

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