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Finance Or Welfare - What Should Be More Important For Legal Custody Of A Child
When a married couple, who are parents of one or more minor children, decide to get divorced, the child is the one who goes through emotionally challenged period or traumatic period. On top of it as another traumatic war the child has to go through is the decision of the custody of the child. But anyway the decision of custody should be taken logically and sensitively. As far as Indian law is concerned it gives maximum importance to the welfare of the child instead of giving finance the driver’s seat. Also Bombay high court has ruled that the key to deciding custody of the child should not be finance of any of the parents. But the debate does not end here because a law is not above emotions.
Hence I am putting forward some points regarding the criteria of custody of a child – Finance or Welfare:
1. Finance  In every stage of life money plays a vital role and financial support should always be there to handle unwanted situations. For the general progress of life money is needed everywhere – be it education of the which in turn will prepare a better future for him/her.
  Even if for a young child mother is the best custodian, finance may dent the mother’s duty to carry out responsibilities for her child. Other areas of life where good financial support is extremely needed.
2. Welfare  A very happy and caring environment is needed for the child if the child is very young or otherwise also.  A person’s behaviour and nature is reflection of his earlier day’s upbringing. Hence the need for better growing environment for a child justifies the importance of welfare over finance.
  Hence Welfare for the child is always the priority but finance can’t be ignored at all. Hence the answer is Joint Custody in which richer person – mother or father will take the financial responsibility and the other parent will take care of the growing environment and emotional support. Physical custody of an infant shouldn’t be fought over. Once the child attains maturity, he/she gets the right to choose who they want to live with.

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