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Child is the father of man - Today’s Relevance

Famous Poet William Wordsworth had great vision. In his famous Poem “The Rainbow”, he introduced the phrase “The Child Is the Father of the Man”. This phrase has a deep meaning which can be understood only by practice. Theoretically it means that as a child grows he inculcates some habits which gets embedded into his nature and rarely changes with age. Therefore whatever a child goes through or does through during his/her childhood he/she becomes that in his/her adulthood. Thus a child guides his aging process. And hence “William Wordsworth” says “Child is the father of the man”.

Although in other words we can also say that every adult has a child in him which guides him to experience things in a non-biased way and can enjoy the intrinsic beauty of things. So over all we understand the phrase as “Whatever we think as a child, influences our thinking when we are adults in a big way”.
So after understanding the meaning we can easily find the relevance in today’s society. These days’ inculcating good habits in a child is a big responsibility and hence not handled properly by parents. Parents don’t have time and blame each other when something wrong done by the child. And also parents should lead by example so that the child automatically learns and understands good habits or good acts for that matter. Earlier families were big (joint families) and people had more time to attend to children. And hence children grew up as responsible adults. But these  days families are small and adults are always busy, so child is not looked after well. Therefore in current society the phrase “Child is the father of man” is more relevant than ever.

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