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Corrupt But Efficient Politicians are better than honest but Inefficient Politicians

What we perceive is not always true or fact. Efficiency is not a measure of performance if Corruption is also traced in a politician. Honesty is an attitude which is rare to find these days. But if honesty is found at the price of Efficiency then things cannot work out properly. Let us point out some advantages or disadvantages of the 2 category of politicians described above. 

1. Undoubtedly intelligent and efficient politicians are needed at this point of time in the whole nation. It is often seen that efficient leaders/politicians are corrupt too. Because intelligent politicians are able to plan and execute things to their benefit, they tend to become corrupt very soon. But such politicians are able to plan better things also apart from corruption. If this efficiency can be used properly major developments and solutions to many problems are possible.

2. As corrupt politicians want to stay in power, they will certainly do some things which are beneficial for the whole nation. They will continue their corruption and development work simultaneously. 
1. The problem with efficient but corrupt politicians is that they are too much involved in executing corruption plans. So they are left with no time to plan better development oriented works.

2. Corruption is such a big disease and dangerous attitude that it is corroding the whole nation. In such a scenario if top leaders or politicians are corrupt themselves then eradicating corruption will never be possible. As top leaders are deeply involved in corruption, all the followers will do the same and thus the vicious cycle continues to be more and more complicated.

3. To say that Honest but inefficient politicians are of no use is a bit absurd, because it is taken for granted that honest people does not have brains and hence cannot give benefit to society. There are several cases of extremely honest and efficient politicians around the world. Then why not India can cultivate such politicians?

4. Being honest itself gives huge benefit to the society. An honest leader inspires followers with utmost honesty. And an honest politician will surely put his brain into development works because they are not preoccupied with corruption plans.

So my conclusion is that efficient and honest people are certain to be found in such a big nation. And they will surely deliver good output. Even if honest and efficient combination is difficult to find, still the quality of honesty is enough to give beneficial output.

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