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Eating Tips for children - School Age

Children at school age should learn about nice and healthy eating along with appropriate focus on studies. Because there is so much pressure on studies, attention on health takes a back seat during school age. Therefore it becomes mandatory for parents to plan food for their child for different sessions of a single day. 

Children should learn also, apart from studies, about healthy food, physical activities and maintenance of life style. Because they are on the verge of adolescence, they will embark upon a hectic social life. They will have a fixed amount as pocket money and they should know how to spend the money on healthy food instead of filthy roadside food. Because at this age children learn quickly and also they are affected by peer group habits and latest trends, it is important to observe what they are learning about food.

The following tips will help children and parents maintain a good healthy life for the child.


Breakfast is important:
For children a good night’s sleep should be followed by a healthy and heavy breakfast which will give them energy throughout the day. Concentration will be very high if breakfast is filled with cereals and milk. Fruit can also be included in the breakfast to add extra strength.
Lunch Box:
Even if canteens in good schools offer a variety of healthy foods, nothing can replace a good home made balanced lunch. Some suggestions of a healthy lunch box are as below:
Sandwiches filled with little cheese slices and salad.
Washed and cut up raw vegetables or fresh fruits.
Cold Water bottle or tetra pack of milk, particularly in the hot weather.
Lunch Box Foods To Limit:
Only a very small part of child’s lunch diet should include sugary, salty and fatty foods. Foods to be included in little percentage are:
Pressed chicken and Processed Meat.
Soft Drinks and preserved liquid bottles.
Sweet biscuits, Chips and other fried foods.

After School Snacks:
A healthy child will have good appetite due to high physical activity, after school hours. But also some children eat less at the evening meal, so after school snacks for them should be nutritious.
After school snacks can include:
A glass of milk with bread or sandwich.
Cereal or Fruit.
Soup Bowl.

Conclusion: Although there can be many more suggestions, the above tips are proven to be best. Maintaining the above food habit consistently is not an easy task, but has to be done at any cost if you want your child to grow healthier.
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