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Euthanasia - To be allowed or not to be allowed

Human Life is created, nourished and made reach salvation by many sources of energy around us. The various invisible energies are collectively called as GOD. God has created us and death also is decided by GOD alone. It may seem unscientific but it is a proven fact that all human lives are processed by strong pool of energy. So it is a restricted privilege that GOD enjoys to give and take lives. We ourselves should not decide when we die. Having said all these, counter point is that a human life goes through various pains if terminally ill. Without illness also there are so many struggles we go through. Anyway a person suffering from terminal illness undergoing lot of pain every moment may never find a way out other than end it all, which is called “Euthanasia”. In such cases relief from pain is the only desire which can come in the form of “Euthanasia”.

Euthanasia is not a choice, it is imperative for patients who are suffering from cancer like diseases. According to a committee on Medical ethics the definition of Euthanasia is “A deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering”. So it seems, with the basis of above logic, Euthanasia should be allowed. There is another point also that relatives and family members of a terminally ill patient undergo difficulty in handling or taking care of such patients. And also financial aspect comes into picture as hospital charges and medicines are huge in most of the places worldwide for cancer like patients. So looking at the financial aspect it becomes logical at many times that treatment should not continue as the patient anyway is going to die. Terminally ill patients die several times before actually dying. She/he is already dead every time she/he has to bear the severe pain. So instead of dying every minute, it is better to die one time and end all sufferings.

But there are other aspects of Euthanasia like: It can be misused by professional doctors. If Euthanasia is legalized and there is no checking of circumstances under which Euthanasia is administered, then results can be devastating. If Euthanasia is legalized then killing can be legalized too. In a manner suicide is similar to euthanasia, then why suicide is not legal?   A person who is going through lot of pain, losses mental strength and power to understand. Therefore the decision should be taken by someone else.

Conclusion: If Euthanasia is legalized, it will be a horrifying law. The process should be well defined even if Euthanasia is the only solution. Any Euthanasia decision should be taken by a group of Doctors and Law Makers by considering all aspects. My personal opinion is that Euthanasia should NOT be legalized.

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