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IT (Information Technology) - Boon Or Bane

 “IT” is a collective term which represents all technologies related to computers, networks, satellites etc. One of the main miracles of science, IT, has revolutionized human living structure. IT is short form of “Information Technology”. So it is obvious that IT has revamped how Information is shared and developed into a technological giant. IT has revolutionized how communication is done, how automation is implemented in many fields, how Information is stored and shared with minimal effort etc. Remotely controlling and operating various kinds of machines and equipments was possible using IT only. Cross cultural research is done by using IT. All the above points simply prove that IT is definitely a boon, but are we missing some points? Let us point out advantages and disadvantages as a list. I have already pointed out the major Advantages so we are left with the following advantages and all the disadvantages.

  Advantages (Apart from those mentioned in the previous paragraph):

 1. The internet is one of the miracles of IT. This is the invention that brought IT to the top of the list of Inventions. Internet has totally changed how business is done. Also online education, Interviews etc. are few benefits of Internet.
 2. Robots and Artificial Intelligence are evolved due to IT only.
 3. Education sector has benefitted largely due to IT. Online teaching, Educational  Data storage and sharing, various types of researches and projects etc. are made easy due to IT.
 4. Agricultural field has also benefitted from IT in various countries. India is also picking up by implementing automation in the Agricultural field.
 5. The banking sector has benefitted tremendously by Implementing IT. Centralized Server based banking is one of the main benefits.
 6. Cloud computing has almost taken the distant places’ communication by storm.


 1. Personal data loss is one of the major problems since the invention of Internet. Impersonation is also a major drawback of IT or Internet.
 2. Compatibility issues are major problems in computing. Although this issue is almost handled but still there is lot to be done.
 3. Unemployment, since the invention of IT automation and Internet Communication, is huge.

There are some more points which can be called disadvantages, but my own opinion is that whatever are the disadvantages they not significant when we see the huge benefits of IT. So IT is definitely a boom if it is handled properly.

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