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Reasons Men Die Sooner Than Women
Although in history the oldest man recorded is Kyotango, Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura who passed away recently at the age of 116, the average number of people crossing the age range of 100 – 115 are mostly women. Next in the line after Kimura, the oldest human who will be grabbing the title is a Japanese Woman and Four other Runners up, all females. As a matter of fact Women live an average of five to 10 Years longer than men. Let us see how different factors and reasons are behind this fact of longevity:

1. As far as Longevity is concerned Bigger isn’t better as according to Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a New Jersey board certified anti – aging physician, on an average Men shorter than 6 Feet tall live longer than Men taller than 6 Feet. This theory is supported by Studies of a Genetic Mutation referred to as the Methuselah Gene (Named after the oldest man mentioned in the Bible). This Mutation appears to decrease the Cell’s use of a growth hormone, IGF1 (Insulin – Like growth factor 1). This factor results in people who tend to be smaller but with a longer – than – average life span. 

2. Men are vulnerable as far as catching disease is concerned and have greater susceptibility to disease as compared to Women. Chief Science Officer of Rio Grande Neurosciences in Santa Fe, N.M., Sean Hagberg states that Men have a higher Mortality rate even in the First Year of life after birth. He adds this vulnerability remains throughout life. Further Sean Hagberg confirms that the growth factor among men is slower than females and also neurologically as it pertains to intelligence, Men lag behind. Sean Hagberg extends his statement and says that Men are more likely than Women to die from various diseases like respiratory cancer, Cirrhosis of the Liver and Coronary Heart Diseases.

3. Chromosomes play vital role in fighting diseases and longevity. Men have ‘XY’ chromosome while Women have an ‘XX’ chromosome. Hence if there is a defect manifesting on the X chromosome, there is an extra X chromosome in females whose genetic material provides some type of backup for the expression of the good genes. Genetically speaking, two X Chromosomes beats a combination of an X and a Y most of the time. 

Thus it is candidly clear that Men are more prone to diseases and lethal symptoms.
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