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The 6 Physical Features In Women That Men Can’t Resist - According To Science

According to the way Men think about past relationship and speaks about them in a particular way always suggests that they are thinking about Sex and they are always looking for some exciting thing regarding Sex life in near future. Actually now science can explain why men are constantly checking out for specific things in a female. But there are some most important traits which are constant in Men’s memory or mental set – up. So let us see what science has proven about 6 features which Men can’t resist in a woman.

1. A Wider Waist to Hips Ratio:
  For most men a waist – to – hips ratio of 7:10 is the most appealing and they may think that big hips are perfect for delivering babies. Thus Men relate waist – to – hips ratio to child birth and this one is pretty obvious – Men like small waists and big butts. That is the reason why celebrities like Kim Kardashians are trending.

2. A High Voice: 
  According to a study a female with high – pitched voice signifies ‘Youthfulness’ as well as a small feminine body, both of which are appealing to Men. Men senses enthusiasm on hearing High – pitched shrieks at Scandalous happenings.

3. Healthy Hair:
  Actually according to science healthy hair is sign of health and fertility. Regular visits to Salon bring shiny, full and long hair which is a very attractive combination and obviously it is beneficial to human race.

4. Smiles: Science has proven that whiter the teeth, better it is for evolution and for a bright smile. And obviously more smiling a person (or happy) it is more probable that he/she will win others over.

5. Less Make Up: 
  You may think that contouring, layers of eye shadow and bold lips are making you more beautiful, but it turns out, the natural look is more appealing to men. The video says that men prefer women who use up to 40% fewer cosmetics. But it shouldn't take science to tell you that the natural you, is the best you.

6. Wearing Red:
  There's a reason red is associated with lust. Scientists have proven that wearing red enhances attraction. In fact, they've found this phenomenon to hold true in other animals as well. Note to self: dry clean red dress for Saturday date night. This all said, there's plenty of counter research that men are just happy to be getting laid at all. One thing's for sure– they're lucky to have us, just the way we are. 
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