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Tips to support person suffering from depression

Family members of a person suffering from depression feel frustrated and confused. They are often at their wits end in finding ways to support their loved one’s suffering from depression. When there is no way in sight family members take the silence route, because whatever advice you are giving is not taken. But getting frustrated would not help because family members’ support essential and significant. By going through the following tips one can extend help to their loved ones suffering from depression.

1.Even wordlessly if you just sit besides the person suffering from depression and hold his/her hands it will give enough solace to the person suffering from depression. You can also say a few words like “You are very important for me”.

2.Sometimes different types of gestures can help when you find it difficult to express emotions. Gestures like sending a greeting card, flower or a lovely SMS can surely help. These small gestures will generate lot of hope for the suffering person like a small light at the end of the dark tunnel.

3.When there is no way out, family members take an approach which can be called pressure tactics. They feel that this way the person suffering will surely find some way out of depression on their own. Sometimes family members say something like “You better snap out of it or I’m going to leave”. But as a matter of fact this way is very hurtful and useless. It is like ignoring, pushing away or not helping someone who has cancer.

4.Persons with depression are very vulnerable to tough talk or criticism. Whatever family members say will have a strong effect on the suffering person. So family members should avoid statements like “All is in your head. Get up and move around”. These words imply as if the person has deliberately chosen to be depressed, which is not the truth.

5.If a family member says to the depressed person something like “Why do you let every little thing bother you?”, it pushes a depressed person feeling guilty and eventually intensity of depression will increase. This way person with depression feels that their extreme pain is invalidated.

6.While counseling or advising is natural step by family members to a depressed person, but saying advices repeatedly make the suffering person feel insulted and they drift away further.

7.One should avoid making comparisons of the depressed person with themselves unless the advising person himself had suffered from depression.

8.Once family members try to know about depression in detail, they will automatically find ways to support the depressed person.

9.When there are several things done with less result, frustration is quite natural, but patience is the key in this tough situation. If family members themselves lose patience then there is no hope for the suffering person.
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