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Top 5 - Health Hazards in India

Although several steps are taken by Indian Goverments to curb health hazards across the country, a major portion of diseases are yet to be eradicated. Malaria Control Programmes, AIDS control programmes etc., are some of the initiatives. But still India is far from free from these diseases. Let us look briefly into Top 10 health hazards threatening India (or the world also). Before putting down the Top 10, I want to say that We can divide all diseases into various categories such as Environmental related diseases, Nutrition related problems, Communicable Diseases etc. In this article I am not going by the categories. Directly top 10 hazards are as follows starting from the most deadliest towards the least :
1. Tuberculosis : It is the devastating killer in India. Approximately around 5 Lakhs die every year from this disease. Symptoms are Fatigue, High Fever, Blood Coughing known as Hemoptysis, Night Sweats etc.  Treatment runs for 18-24 months. Since this is a communicable disease, care should be taken so that other’s don’t get infected.

2. Malaria: It is the major cocern that despite of taking so many initiatives, “Malaria” is not curbed in India. It continues to kill many as compared to other diseases. It is also a communicable disease and can be transmitted through various ways.

3. Other Communicable Diseases (Like AIDS, Diarrhoea, Acute Respiratory Disease): These Communicable diseases are also killing many. Diarrohea is the major killer for children below 5 years of age. The Number of AIDS deaths are ever increasing. 

 4. Nutrition Problems, cause for many diseases: Due to mal-nutrition there can be many diseases, which may not be killer always but causes many diseases like “Nutritional Anaemia”, “Xerophthalmia (Nutritional Blindless)”, Iodine deficiency disorders, “Kwashiorkir” etc. Nutritional diseases affect mainly children causing retarded growth, Diarrhoea etc. India has the highest number of nutritional Anaemia among Women and children. 

 5. Environmental Related Diseases: It is observed that environmental related diseases are very large in numbers. Main Environmental problems are “Air and Water Pollution”, “Sound Pollutiion”, “Non-effective Waste Disposal”, “Reduced Natural Resources”, “Radiation Hazards” etc. to name a few. Due to increase in population, environmental related diseases are ever increasing.
So to conclude I would say that Although in India health policies are made but due to financial blockades these policies are not implemented properly. The majority of population is still in villages where the health policies fail to reach. With the new government showing signs of never before effectiveness, we will hope for the best.
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