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Top Ten Corrupt Countries – Part 1
When we talk of corruption we talk about a blemish which has plagued the whole civilization. 
Corruption is the fastest growing disease in the world. Corruption is into the genes of man and equivalent to food and sex as a daily life requirement. We in India are so much affected by corruption that it is choking us. But we should be consoling ourselves that India is not even in the top 50 corrupt countries. India is at the 94th position according to a survey. Having said that We should not be happy that we are not one of the worst, because whatever is the ranking, it cannot be ignored that we are in pain due to the amount of corruption we are facing. We should be taking lessons from countries like New Zealand. Even at 94th position India needs a revolution to root out corruption.
Now we will take a look at the top 10 corrupt countries in the world. Transparency International makes use of “Corruption Perceptions Index” (CPI) to rank countries on the basis of how the country’s public sector stands perceived. 
1. Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan share the top position with a score of 8 each. Somalia is a very poor country and thus corruption is like a pill for survival. What takes Somalia to the top position is the deadly mixture of pirates and government militias. Nepotism is prevalent, while money from the government treasury is going to private institutions and other purposes rather than towards government plans.
No transparency in governance and economy has been instrumental in pumping in lot of corruption which is systematic in North Korea. There is very little Foreign Investment into North Korea which makes less room for competition and improvement and therefore only structural corruption into the political and bureaucratic system prevails.
Afghanistan has been in this top 10 list for years. A country which is economically dependent on International Aid, Corruption has prevented from using the invaluable aid into correct use. So whatever may be the amount of aid, due to corruption, the country remains poor as always and worst thing is that future looks more horrible than ever.

 So, I have described the No. 1 most corrupted nations (Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan share the top spot). The rest of 9 most corrupt nations will come any time in my next articles.

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