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Valentine Day is harming our culture - For or Against

Basically Valentine Day is a big festival in western part of the world. They celebrate it to show their love for each other. Love is a basic requirement for every human. Love can be varied like love for brother, sister etc. But Valentine day is basically for young lovers who express their love for each other through greeting cards, gifts, candle light dinners etc. India is a country which is developing, thus bound to follow developed countries. That is the reason Valentine Day is celebrated in India also although not so openly because of reformists attacks. Let us rationalize if Valentine Day is really harming our culture or having no effect whatsoever.
1.Basic Indian tradition is conservative where love itself is seen in a complex manner. So accepting Valentine Day is not easy according to our tradition. Therefore Valentine Day is disturbing the social balance.

2.Again according to our social traditions showing love publicly is not accepted easily hence our culture is surely disturbed.

3.Valentine Day is a costly affair as far as common Indian is concerned. Because on Valentine Day sharing gifts is necessary hence it is not accepted by our culture and common public.

1.Valentine Day is a very lovely festival for people who are in love, because on this day they express deepest feelings and make the bond stronger. 

2.On this day of love sharing gifts is common so that love can remembered for long times to come. Valentine Day is not bound to only one age group as elders also share feelings. But in the name of tradition some so called protestors of Indian tradition resort to even violence to make lovers separate on February 14th.

3.Even if Valentine Day is a western festival but its basic sense is universal, because all over the world love is a similar feeling.

4.Our tradition does not prevent lovers from expressing love for each other, but only a bit conservative about the way it is shown. So Valentine Day is not harming our culture.

Conclusion: Valentine Day is a beautiful festival for lovers all over the world and cannot harm any tradition. In India it should be celebrated cautiously and gracefully.
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