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Who is responsible for eve teasing - Boys or Girls

Before embarking upon the discussion about who is responsible for eve-teasing, first I would like to say that Boys and Girls have different hormones. According to hormones the mentality is formed regarding opposite sex. Boys by default are sexually more inclined and think about sex when they meet or see a girl. In the same perspective Girls do not see Boys in a sexual angle initially when they meet or see them. Based on the above theory we will put forward more logical points towards the menace called Eve-Teasing. As a matter of fact whoever is at fault (Boy or Girl) in cases of eve-teasing, the suffering will be solely tolerated by the Girl. Girls go through lot of mental trauma if they have to face eve-teasing regularly. I am listing the points as below on who is at fault – Girls or Boys.

Boys Are AT Fault:
1. Boys think girls as sex objects. They take it for granted that they can enjoy Girls Company any time whether girl agrees or not. They try to use their masculine power to overpower girls. They get a kind of sadistic pleasure by harassing girls which is called eve-teasing. 

2. Although flirting can be fun, but certainly not the way Boys do that. Boys confuse flirting with eve-teasing. Thus they think they can go for eve-teasing just for fun. But as a matter of fact this fun goes to another level and eventually becomes a criminal activity.

3. Boys forget that Girls are free to wear any dress and they should not be harassed even if the dress is slightly revealing. 

4. Physically harassing (During Eve - Teasing) a girl is one of the most heinous crimes which is not known to most of the boys and even if they know it they ignore it.

5. Boys forget that they also have sisters or mothers. If something like eve-teasing happens to their sisters or mothers they get angry forgetting that they have also done similar thing to someone else’ sister or mother.

Girls are At Fault:
1. Girls should understand that Boys’ hormones are like that so they should be careful about their dresses, their way of talk, their physical strength. 

2. Girls should not think that they are physically weaker than boys. It is proven in biology that Girls have more sustaining power than boys. Girl should reply back in a manner in which the boys never repeat eve-teasing.

In most cases Boys are at fault, sometimes girls provoke though. The law against eve-teasers are very strong but not implemented properly. Police should take fast action according to law.
Girls should raise their voices whenever eve-teasing happens to them.
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