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Dengue Fever Prevention

The best way to save yourself from “Dengue” is by prevention of the Dengue Virus to enter your body. Basically Dengue fever can be prevented by stopping Mosquitoes from biting yourself. Also steps should be taken to control and eradication of mosquitoes carrying the Dengue Virus. The passing of virus to the mosquitoes can be interrupted also. 
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of USA has supplied general rules in 2010 regarding prevention of transfer of viruses by vectors like mosquitoes.  These rules are as below:
1.Avoiding outbreaks will prevent you from catching dengue. The outbreaks announced by CDC or government should be taken seriously and thus outbreaks should be avoided to the maximum possible point.

2.Exposure to the disease happens pattern wise, like a particular time and place. So traveler’s can reduce exposure to virus carrying mosquitoes and other vectors by venturing out in the open at times when peak biting activity is less. Mosquitoes (carrying dengue virus) are most active at daylight hours and they go on a biting spree. Mosquitoes carrying malaria viruses are more active at twilight hours. Thus avoiding the daylight hours or twilight hours can prevent you from the attack of the disease called Dengue.

3.You should cover your body as much as possible. For example wearing long trousers, boots and hat can prevent mosquitoes reaching the skin. Mosquitoes repellant creams can be applied on the parts of the body which is not covered by clothes.

4.Bed nets are very effective way of preventing mosquitoes from reaching you. If houses are not air-conditioned, bed nets are a must to prevent mosquito bite. Bed nets protect from other insect bites also. Bed nets can also be immersed in an insecticide or repellent as permethrin to make it most effective from mosquitoes entering through it and reach the person covered by the net. The bed net treated with permethrin can be effective for long time or months if not washed.

5.Mosquito coils or vaporizing mats can be used to keep the mosquitoes and other insects away from the sleeping room. 

Thus by following rules mentioned above one can be immune from the deadly disease called dengue.
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