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Mahatma Gandhi  -  Ageless Impact

First of all let us remember the extra-ordinary personality called “Mahatma Gandhi-Father Of The Nation ”. By remembering him I mean recalling the way he lived through the catastrophic times with subtle Idealisms. The way he changed the world sees itself. The phrase that is appropriate at the time of death of the most illustrious leader of all times, is “Gandhiji is Dead, Long Live Gandhiji”. Now the above phrase will be detailed in explaining in the rest of this discussion.

At the time of Mahatma Gandhi’s murder, he was already an Immortal. He was the true savior of the downtrodden and the great servant of humanity. In fact his death made the belief stronger that he was the greatest. We have enough proof that very rarely a personality has lived through the degenerate century who have turned the tide in favor of humanity. 

Now let us understand some of the points that were associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s personality. These points will make it clearer and stronger that He (Mahatma Gandhi) is simply unparalleled. 

1. He has not only shown exemplary leadership qualities, he had set standards for ethical life. Morality is synonymous with Mahatma Gandhi. Although he never claimed to be a moral guru, but all his ethical life was high on morality. He did not want to sound as a rebellion, because he felt that speaking highly on other’s morality is violence in itself.
2. “There is no god higher than Truth”—said by Mahatma Gandhi. This saying forms a energy of strong belief which Gandhiji has practiced throughout his life. Truth According to him was a religion in itself. Basically truth is the Inner voice which According to Gandhiji, guides us to set examples for others.

3. Mahatma Gandhi has set examples of ultimate theory of Non-Violence. 

4. According to him true leadership is taking responsibility of serving fellow citizens. Here by serving he did not mean only self-sacrifice, but also exhibiting strong sense of Conscience. Also Leaders should show enough Courage (taking initiative to spread truth) and character (Integrity).

 Although there can be huge number of points apart from the above 4, but I am closing here with a concluding note that A true spirit like Mahatma Gandhi can only have ageless impact as his theories hold true now also.

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